37 Gifts That Give Back: Best Charitable Gifts Guide 2023

Best Charitable Gifts Guide

There's a special kind of joy that comes from getting your friends and family gifts that give back. They not only bring a smile to your loved one's face, but they also extend that warmth to others in need. 

It's the ultimate win-win, and thankfully, a growing number of brands are making it easier to make a positive impact with every gift we give. So to simplify your search, we’ve curated this guide that features 37 charitable gifts brimming with purpose. 

What truly sets these gifts for charity apart is their commitment to supporting a variety of causes. Some of these brands stand out for their generosity for pouring resources back into their communities, while others champion sustainability and strive for a greener planet.

So let’s get into our ultimate guide of the best charitable gifts to give your loved ones this year. Make the world a little brighter with your purchases, one present at a time!

1. Fahlo Wildlife Bracelets

Gifts That Support a Cause and Connection with the Wild

Now we might be a little biased, but our bracelets are more than just accessories. They're also jewelry that offers your loved ones an intimate connection to wildlife. For example, our Traverse Bracelets are linked to a real gorilla to follow and also supports global conservation efforts. Whether you’re giving a single bracelet or several for stacking, these gifts contribute directly to the welfare of our planet's treasured wildlife.

2. TOMS Shoes

A Charitable Gift That Keep on Giving

TOMS Shoes revolutionized charitable gifts with their One for One® model. They’ve since discontinued this, but today they continue to give ⅓ of their profits to grassroots organizations serving a variety of needs. This model has had a global impact, providing shoes to children across various countries and supporting their health and education.

3. Love Your Melon Beanies

Share Warmth and Support With These Gifts For a Cause

Each cozy beanie from Love Your Melon is more than just a stylish way to stay warm. These beanies represent hope, as each purchase contributes to the fight against pediatric cancer. By giving one as a gift, you're helping to fund leading cancer research and provide support to the brave children and their families battling this disease.

4. Lush Charity Pot

Gifts That Give Back to the Environment and More

These gifts with purpose touch more than just your recipients. The Lush Charity Pot is a luscious, hydrating lotion that not only nourishes the skin, but also communities and causes in need. Lush donates 100% of the purchase price (minus taxes) to small grassroots organizations working in areas supporting human rights, animal protection, and environmental justice. 

5. Pura Vida Bracelets

Handcrafted Charity Gifts

Pura Vida Bracelets embody the spirit of Costa Rica, meaning "pure life." Handcrafted by artisans, each bracelet sold supports the crafters and various causes around the world. These vibrant bracelets make great gifts that give back by fostering sustainable jobs for the people who make them. And to date, they’ve partnered with more than 300 charities around the world to donate over $4 million.

6. Bombas Socks 

Products That Give Back To Support Helping the Homeless

Bombas Socks operates on a simple but powerful mission: for every pair of socks sold, a specially-designed donation pair is given to someone experiencing homelessness. With comfort innovations and a dedication to quality, these socks make wonderful gifts with purpose for your loved ones, aimed at warming feet and hearts alike.

7. Prosperity Candles

Empowerment Through Scented Illumination

Prosperity Candles do more than just brighten a room. They’re also illuminating lives. Each candle sold empowers women refugees by offering them fair wage and dignified work. The scents are as varied and unique as the stories of the women who craft them, making these candles not just thoughtful gifts for good but also a beacon of hope for those who craft them.

8. Grounds & Hounds Coffee

A Sip Towards Animal Rescue

This is a gift that gives back in the most aromatic way. Every morning brew with Grounds & Hounds Coffee is a pledge to support canine friends in need. Each blend sold contributes to animal rescue organizations, ensuring that every sip offers warmth not only to you but to a pup waiting for a forever home. 


Vintages with a Vision for Change

One Hope Wine turns each bottle into a story of charity. Their delightful vintages are linked to causes that matter, making each clink of the glass a cheer for change. To date, they’ve proudly supported over 40,000 non-profits and funded large sustainable projects such as cancer research. These bottles are charity gifts that celebrate life’s moments while contributing to a better world.

10. Feed Projects Bags

Carry a Meal, Support a Child

With Feed Projects Bags, style meets substance. Each stylish tote or accessory sold provides school meals to children globally to tackle hunger one bag at a time. Share feed bags and offer your loved ones gifts that support a cause that carries far beyond the material.

11. United by Blue Products

Eco-Conscious Goods Cleaning Our Waters

United by Blue merges practicality with purpose. Their range of products ensures that with every sale, a tangible difference is made by removing trash from our waterways. These products are perfect gifts that give back to the environment through their commitment to a cleaner planet.

12. S’Well Water bottles

Hydration With a Heart for the Planet

S'well Water Bottles offer hydration solutions that stand for something greater. Their partnerships with charities emphasize their mission towards environmental betterment. S'well bottles make ideal gifts that support a cause, combining utility with a vision for sustainability.

13. Cotopaxi Gear

Adventurous Gear Fueling Global Change

For the adventurers who like their gear served with a side of social good, Cotopaxi Gear is the perfect fit. Their dedication to funding poverty alleviation and health initiatives across the globe makes their products thoughtful gifts that give back for those who live boldly and care deeply.

14. The Giving Keys

Accessories That Unlock Potential

The Giving Keys crafts jewelry with a heartfelt mission: to help those transitioning out of homelessness find employment. By gifting a unique piece from their collection, you’re not only giving a beautiful accessory but also offering a second chance to someone in need. Each key carries a message of hope, making these gifts that give back truly special those who receive them.

15. Conscious Step Socks

Comfort with a Conscience

Step into change with Conscious Step Socks. From environmental conservation to fighting hunger, each pair is designed to raise awareness and generate funds for vital social causes. When you choose these socks as your charity gifts, you're taking a step toward a better world, making them ideal gifts that support a cause.

16. Out of Print Clothing

Fashion That Fuels Literacy

Out of Print Clothing offers bibliophiles and fashion enthusiasts a way to wear their favorite literary works. Every purchase supports book-based literacy programs, making these garments perfect gifts for charity that benefit readers around the globe. From tees to totes, each item brings books to life and literacy into homes.

17. Ten Thousand Villages Handcrafted Goods 

Artisanal Gifts with Global Impact

Ten Thousand Villages offers a beautiful array of handcrafted goods from artisans around the world. From stunning home décor to unique jewelry, each purchase supports fair trade practices and helps provide a sustainable income for craftspeople in developing countries. These artisanal treasures are perfect as gifts that give back, allowing you to share a piece of the world's culture while supporting ethical practices and empowering communities.

18. Panda Sunglasses

Visionary Gifts That Care

Panda Sunglasses are more than a fashion statement. They're a vision for change. With every pair sold, these stylish sunglasses help provide essential eye care to those in need through the brand's partnerships with vision charities. Choose Panda as your gifts for a cause, and you’ll be giving clear sight along with chic eyewear.

19. Charity Water Bottle

Quench Thirst, Give Life

The Charity Water Bottle is more than a container for your drink. It's a lifeline for those without access to clean water. Each bottle sold contributes to funding clean water projects, ensuring that each sip taken is one shared with someone in need. Offering these bottles as gifts that give back is a meaningful gesture that hydrates bodies and hopes alike.

20. Tatcha Skincare

Beauty That Educates

Tatcha Skincare blends traditional Japanese beauty secrets and modern sophistication with causes for good. Each luxurious skincare product sold contributes to girls' education programs. These sumptuous creams and cleansers are gifts that give back to both the recipient and young women seeking knowledge.

21. Cuddle + Kind Dolls

Hugs That Help Fight Hunger

The adorable Cuddle + Kind Dolls are handcrafted tokens of love that provide 10 meals to children in need with every doll sold. Beyond being cuddly companions and playthings, they make great charitable Christmas gifts (or for any time of year) with their mission to end childhood hunger.

22. Hand in Hand Soap

Clean Hands, Clean Water

Hand in Hand Soap ensures that for every product purchased, a bar of soap and one month of clean water is provided to a child in need. Their soaps and sanitizers are perfect gifts that give back to the environment and support essential hygiene projects worldwide.

23. Yoobi School Supplies

Stationery That Supports Education

Yoobi School Supplies adds color and fun to learning. And with each item sold, they donate much-needed supplies to U.S. classrooms. These vibrant stationery pieces are wonderful gifts for charity, ensuring that every child has the tools for success.

24. Sudara Punjammies

Comfort for a Cause

Sudara Punjammies are loungewear that also doubles as a lifeline for women in India. Sudara offers them a path to escape human trafficking through the sale of apparel. By choosing these cozy garments, you're providing hope and support as gifts that support a cause.

25. Amour Vert Plant a T-Tree

Fashion That Fosters Forests

Amour Vert's eco-friendly apparel is built on a simple mantra: buy a tee, plant a tree. With every T-shirt purchased, a tree is indeed planted. Their commitment to environmental reforestation efforts makes their chic and sustainable clothing line a top choice for gifts that give back to the environment.

26. Thistle Farms Home Goods 

Homeware with Heart

Thistle Farms Home Goods offers beautifully crafted items that carry a deeper meaning. Each purchase aids women in recovery from life's profound challenges. They embody the essence of gifts that give back while also empowering and uplifting others.

27. State Bags

Pack a Punch of Generosity

State Bags are stylish and socially conscious. Each sale aids American children and families in need. They fund thoughtful projects with partner charities and schools while also shedding light around social injustice. These are gifts for charity that stylishly shoulder the responsibility of giving back.

28. LifeStraw Personal Water Filters

Hydration for Humanity

LifeStraw Personal Water Filters turn natural water sources into safe drinking water. It offers protection on outdoor adventures and in emergency situations. But at the same time, it supports global access to clean water for kids worldwide. As a gift that supports a cause, a child in need receives safe water for an entire school year for every Lifestraw purchased. 

29. Better World Books

Pages That Promote Literacy

Better World Books champions literacy with a promise. Every time you purchase a book, you help them donate to people that need it. These make perfect charity gifts for the bookworms in your life, spreading the joy of reading far and wide.

30. Patagonia Provisions

Sustenance Supporting Sustainability

Patagonia's reputation for sustainable fashion is matched by their commitment to eco-friendly food through Patagonia Provisions. This branch of their business infuses environmental consciousness into their range of delicious food products. Each item sold supports sustainable agricultural and commercial fishing practices, making Patagonia Provisions an excellent choice for gifts that give back to the environment.  

31. Smile Squared Toothbrushes

Brushes That Bring Smiles

With Smile Squared Toothbrushes, your gift goes beyond a brighter smile. Their buy one, give one model ensures that each purchase provides a toothbrush to a child in need. They’re the perfect gifts for a cause that brightens days and dental health.

32. Raven + Lily

Fashion That Empowers

Raven + Lily goes beyond style by empowering at-risk women with each purchase. Their fashion line also makes great gifts that give back. Raven + Lily provide more than just an outfit, but a lifeline to those who need it most.

33. Purpose Jewelry

Adornments with a Mission

Each piece of Purpose Jewelry is a testament to survival and strength. They’re handcrafted by survivors of human trafficking. As gifts that support a cause, you’re supporting the artisans' journey to empowerment and independence

34. Warby Parker Eyewear

Give the Gift of Eyesight

Warby Parker offers more than a clear view with their stylish eyewear. Through their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program, every purchase ensures someone in need receives the gift of sight. This initiative makes Warby Parker glasses not just fashionable gifts that give back, but also a clear choice for contributing to global eye health.

35. The Adventure Project Charcoal Bar Soap

Offer Cleansing with Compassion

Crafted with bamboo charcoal powder and a blend of coconut, olive, and organic palm oil, this soap offers natural disinfection and indulgent care. Each purchase has a profound impact, providing a woman in Kenya with a charcoal stove, an invaluable tool for safer cooking and living. One bar is a life-changing gift that gives back, transforming the health and daily lives of Kenyan families.

36. LoveBook Personalized Books

Stories That Support Literacy

LoveBook turns your personal narratives into beautifully bound books, perfect for sharing with loved ones. Beyond the sentimental value, each LoveBook purchase contributes to literacy programs, ensuring that the gift of reading reaches communities far and wide. These personalized books make heartfelt gifts that give back by fostering love and education with every page turned.

37. Fahlo Venture Plush

Cuddles for Conservation

Yes, our Venture Plushies are cuddly companions. But like our bracelets, they’re also tangible pieces of wildlife conservation. Each soft toy comes with a unique tracking code that connects you to a real polar bear in the wild. And as gifts for charity, our plushies also support the conservation and research efforts by Polar Bears International.
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