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Jewelry for Animal Lovers

It’s the time of year when we have to start thinking about gifts for all the important people in our life. If you have family and friends who love wildlife, now is the perfect opportunity to shower them with gifts relating to their favorite animals. While there are lots of books and animal-inspired clothing out there, jewelry is a meaningful present that anyone can appreciate. Here are some must-have animal jewelry pieces that will make any animal lover happy this season!

For the Elephant Lover: The Expedition Bracelet

While they are the world’s largest animal, elephants are undeniably adorable. This bracelet puts them front and center with a beautifully carved elephant charm surrounded by natural stone beads. Not only can your friend wear and enjoy their bracelet, but they’ll receive the name and tracking details of a live elephant in the wild. The best part is, a percentage of the sales of this piece of jewelry for animal lovers goes to Save the Elephants in Kenya which is working to protect elephants from poaching.

For the Polar Bear Lover: The Venture Bracelet

‘Tis the season for falling snow, hot cocoa, and a shared appreciation of the North Pole’s favorite animal: polar bears! This stylish animal bracelet featuring a polar bear charm makes for the perfect gift for anyone who loves polar bears. In partnership with Polar Bears International, you can track a polar bear in the wild with the included tracking information while giving back to a great cause.

For the Sea Turtle Lover: The Journey Bracelet

There is an ocean of gift ideas out there, but this one will stand out to a friend who loves sea turtles. It’s not only the striking bead bracelet with a turquoise turtle charm, it’s the fact that like all of Fahlo’s bracelets, it comes with information to track a sea turtle in the wild. Not only can the recipient of this unique gift learn about sea turtle facts, but they can feel connected to one on a deeper level. A portion of all proceeds from the sales of these bracelets is donated to Sea Turtle Conservancy.

For the Shark Lover: The Voyage Bracelet

This holiday season, swim with the sharks! Or at least, follow one as it swims in the ocean. With The Voyage Bracelet by Fahlo, you can not only wear a stylish piece of animal jewelry, but you can also track a shark in the wild. As a percentage of proceeds from the bracelets benefits Saving the Blue, you are not only able to learn more about sharks, but help with ocean conservation efforts.

For the Lion Lover: The Excursion Bracelet

Fahlo’s newest tracking bracelet features the king of the jungle in all his glory. A stunning carved lion stands proudly between stone beads, drawing attention to the beauty and power of this mighty cat. Every purchase benefits Ewaso Lions, an organization devoted to promoting coexistence between lions and people.

For the Penguin Lover: The Passage Bracelet

Finally, take a march with the penguins with The Passage Bracelet. As with Fahlo’s other animal jewelry, you can track a penguin in the wild with the information provided with the bracelet. A portion of the process from this bracelet go to the Global Penguin Society, an organization devoted to protecting all 18 species of penguin in the world.

There are so many inspiring gifts for people who love wildlife to share their passion with the world. While jewelry for animal lovers is always a popular choice, for those who would prefer clothing to animal tracking jewelry, be sure to check out our new collection of t-shirts. Our Journey T-Shirt and Voyage T-Shirt are perfect for casual weekends and days at the beach and can be styled with your animal bracelets!