The Venture Plush

Each plush tracks a polar bear

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    • Each Polar Bear Plush Comes With a Real Polar Bear to Track

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      • supporting polar bears internationalEach order helps support the Polar Bears International
      • recycled fillingFilled with recycled water bottles
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Each plush tracks
a real polar bear
Each plush tracks
a real polar bear

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Learn your polar bear's name and get their picture

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Gain knowledge of their amazing stories, how many cubs they have, and best of all...

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Follow their incredible venture on an exclusive tracking map

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In partnership with Polar Bears International

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A portion of all polar bear plush proceeds are donated to Polar Bears International, who specializes in polar bear research and works to protect wild polar bears. Your purchase of a polar bear plush will help their conservation, and secure a future for polar bears in a rapidly changing world.

One Small Plush.
One Big Mission.

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Common Questions

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    • Yes, you can track a polar bear! Historically, this has been done primarily using GPS collars made from flexible, synthetic materials that can withstand Arctic marine conditions. These GPS collars contain a battery and transmitter that sends location data to a satellite that allows researchers to track polar bears, helping them learn about their movements in response to sea ice movement as well as loss caused by climate change. Because polar bears prefer to roam far out on sea ice where it is dangerous for humans to travel, data from GPS collars gives scientists a rare glimpse into the lives of polar bears, including the habitats they use and the vast distances they travel. The collars also feature a release mechanism set to detach the collar before the battery dies. Additionally, the steel nuts and brass bolts used to attach the collar will corrode in saltwater, ensuring the collar falls off even if the release mechanism fails. Once detached, researchers can use GPS to locate and retrieve the collar, extract stored data, and then refurbish and reuse the collar. To learn more about how polar bears are tracked when you purchase a polar bear stuffed animal or Venture bracelet with Fahlo, check out Polar Bears International.

    • Polar bears are classified as a vulnerable species, with their main threat being the loss of their sea ice habitat due to climate change. As the ice melts, polar bears are forced to travel greater distances to find food, which puts additional stress on their populations. Other significant threats include industrial impacts, pollution, overharvesting, and increased interactions with humans as they search for food. These combined factors have resulted in a decline in polar bear populations, making their conservation a critical concern for scientists and wildlife advocates alike. Our stuffed polar bear is one way to make a positive impact and support the work of Polar Bears International as they continue to make a difference in protecting this amazing species.

    • Polar bears have a lifespan of approximately 15 to 18 years in the wild. The lifespan of a polar bear can be influenced by factors such as food availability, environmental conditions, and threats from predators or humans. In captivity, polar bears can live longer due to the absence of predators and regular veterinary care, with some bears living into their mid-30s. However, it's important to note that polar bears face many challenges in the wild that can affect their lifespan, such as climate change impacting their habitat and food sources.

    • If polar bears went extinct, it would be a clear sign that the Arctic ecosystem is in grave trouble. Polar bears are apex predators, and their presence is crucial for maintaining the balance of the Arctic food web. The loss of these majestic creatures would also have significant cultural impacts on Indigenous communities that have close ties to the polar bear. By supporting organizations like Polar Bears International and purchasing a stuffed polar bear, you are taking a step towards preventing this tragic outcome and contributing to the conservation efforts that are vital for the survival of polar bears.

    • Polar bear fur appears white because it reflects visible light, giving it a snowy appearance that blends in with their Arctic environment. Interestingly, the fur itself is not actually white. Each hair is transparent and hollow, which not only contributes to the white appearance but also helps insulate the bears against the cold by trapping air.

    • Wipe with damp sponge or cloth, using warm water and mild soap. Once dry, brush to restore the plush and proceed with snuggling.