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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are my items being shipped from?
      Our products are shipped out of Carrollton, TX, Vancouver, CA, and Middlesex, UK.
  • Where do you ship?
      We ship to almost every country! Chances are, if you have seen our advertisements, we ship to you! If you'd like to make sure, send us a message first just to confirm.
  • Are there additional costs associated with tracking an animal?
      Nope! After your initial purchase, there are no additional costs to track your animal.
  • Does each bracelet come with its own animal?
      Although we do not have an infinite number of animals, we do our best to not send duplicate animals within a purchase. If you do receive multiples of the same animal, simply reach out to our team so we can help! Please note others might share the same animal as you, as we all embrace our love for them!
  • Which operating systems are compatible with the Fahlo app?
      We are currently running on Android 10 + and iOS 16 + operating systems.
  • Is Fahlo legit?
      YES! We have official partnerships with a wide variety of verifiable wildlife conservation nonprofits, including the Sea Turtle Conservancy, Save the Elephants, and Polar Bears International, to name a few. There are many websites that falsely claim to help save wildlife if you purchase from them, so be cautious.
  • If I am outside of the USA, will I be charged a customs charge?
      International orders may be subject to customs fees; each country has its own authority to determine when and how much to charge for these fees upon arrival. Customers from Australia and the UK should not incur any customs charges once imported. We are currently working on adjusting our process to charge upfront and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • How do I track my animal?
      Easy! Just download our Fahlo Animal Tracker app to a compatible Android or Apple mobile device. Every purchase comes with a QR code to scan right on the app to start tracking your new animal. Here's the link to download the FREE app!
  • I didn't receive my tracking card, what do I do?
      No problem! Our warehouse packs these cards with each bracelet, so if for some reason yours is missed, send us an email at or message us on Facebook.
  • Why has my order not shipped?
      Orders are shipped out on weekdays and we do our best to make it same or next day shipping. If you haven't received an email notification that your order has shipped after 3 days, please send us an email at or message us on Facebook and we can look this up for you! During the holiday season our shipping times can be longer, but we do our best to ship orders as soon as possible.
  • What size are the bracelets?
      Our bracelets are handmade and sizing varies, but they typically measure 7–7.5 in (17.8–19 cm) and are stretchy to fit most (as of right now we do not carry children’s sizes).
  • What are the bracelets made of?
      Depending on the color, our bracelets are made from natural stone or glass! The elastic cord is made from surgical grade TPU, a biodegradable plastic.
  • How much money has Fahlo donated?
      We have donated over $2.5 million to our nonprofit conservation partners!
  • Are any of my purchases from Fahlo tax deductible?
      No percentage of your purchase from Fahlo is tax deductible.