How To Wear Bracelets With A Watch: 5 of the Best Styling Tips

Fashion isn't just about looking good. It's about feeling right with your choices. 

When you dive into the world of fashion accessories, one question often arises: can you wear a watch and bracelet on the same wrist? The answer is a resounding yes.

The combination of a watch and bracelet is a pairing that can’t go wrong. These two together take even a basic look to top-notch levels.

If you’re wondering how to wear bracelets with a watch without overdoing it, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some suggestions on how you can truly rock your bracelet and watch on the same wrist.

In this article, we're going to deep dive into mastering this accessory combo. More specifically, we’re going to show you how by sharing watch and bracelet pairings featuring beaded bracelets from our collection here at Fahlo.

By the end of this article, you will also know the answers to the following frequently asked questions:

  • Is it OK to wear a watch and a bracelet?
  • Can you stack a bracelet and watch?
  • What pairs well with a watch?
  • What kind of bracelet to wear with a watch will work for my outfit?
  • Style Tip #1: Consider the Proportions of Your Watch and Bracelet

    Pairing a watch with a bracelet isn’t just a fashion statement. It's an emblem of style. But how do you strike the right balance?

    When considering how to wear a watch and bracelet in tandem, think of it like this: your bracelet with watch combo should complement, not compete. 

    If your watch is bold and detailed, opt for a more understated bracelet like our Journey Bracelet in Lava Stone. Meanwhile, a simple, sleek watch can be paired with something that pops, like our Expedition Bracelet in Sky Stone.

    Style Tip #2: Match Your Watches and Bracelets With the Occasion

    When it comes to combining your watch with a bracelet, the occasion you’re styling for can  guide your choices.

    For a laid-back, sunny day at the park or a weekend visit to your local farmers market, think boho. In this case, earth-toned bracelets like our Excursion Bracelet in Keystone would pair well with fabric-strapped watches. 

    Meanwhile, for an elegant evening out with friends, polished bracelets like our Passage Bracelet in Emperor Stone fit as a seamless complement to a silver metallic watch. This kind of pairing can speak volumes with subtle sophistication. 

    Style Tip #3: Mix Materials of Your Watches and Bracelets

    When you're mixing a watch with a bracelet, don't shy away from experimenting with diverse materials. It’s more than okay to let your pairing feature a myriad of hues and textures.

    For instance, a stainless-steel watch can become even more eye-catching when paired with our Odyssey Bracelet in Echo Purple. These beads will add a touch of grace that balance the watch’s modern look. 

    The key here is to find cohesion between different materials. Your bracelet shouldn’t overshadow your watch and vice versa. Instead, they should elevate each other’s presence.

    Style Tip #4: Honor the Watch Face

    When pairing a watch with a bracelet, it's not just the strap or metal that deserves attention. It’s the watch face, too. Color, design, and size can significantly influence your bracelet choice.

    If it's a vibrant hue like emerald green or crimson, balance it with a bracelet in a neutral or earthy tone. Something like our Excursion Bracelet in Sahara Stone would be a great match.

    For watches with a neutral face like ivory or stainless steel, introduce a pop of color. A bracelet like our Trek Bracelet in Kenya Orchid Pink is sure to stand out. 

    Style Tip #5: Don’t Forget Comfort 

    When you stack bracelets with watches, practicality is as crucial as aesthetics. Here are a few ways you can ensure that your bracelet and watch on the same wrist feel as good as they look:

    • Watch the Weight: Heavy bracelets can make your wrist feel weighed down, especially when paired with a big watch. Opt for lighter bracelets if you plan to wear them for extended periods or during activities.
    • Adjust for Fit: Bracelets that are too loose may constantly slide under the watch face, potentially causing scratches. Ensure your bracelet fits snugly but comfortably around your wrist.
    • Material Matters: While metal bracelets look sleek, they might not be the best option for those with sensitive skin. Consider our beaded bracelets that many animal lovers admire. They are gentle against the skin and reduce the risk of irritation.
    • Easy On, Easy Off: If you're someone who frequently removes their watch or bracelets throughout the day – maybe for work, workouts, or chores – choose bracelets with user-friendly clasps.

    Remember, the ultimate goal is to integrate style and comfort. When done right, your watch with bracelet combo can be a daily wear, enhancing your look without hindering functionality.

    Your Wrist, Your Statement

    With fashion, it's the details that often make the most impact. Knowing how to wear bracelets with a watch can be your way to making a style statement.

    By now, you’ve probably gotten the hint that we here at Fahlo believe in crafting beautiful bracelets that pair well with watches. But the true mission of our company extends far beyond that.

    We aim to connect style with substance. That’s why we’re passionate about blending fashion with a heart for wildlife

    Each bracelet you wear from our collection not only elevates your style but contributes to a larger cause. When you buy our jewelry crafted for animal lovers, a portion of sales goes to support nonprofit organizations like Save The Elephants and Polar Bears International.

    So if you decide to pair your watch with a Fahlo bracelet, know that you’re not just making a style statement. You’re making a statement to show how much you care about animals, too. 

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