Beaded Bracelets for Women: 5 Ways To Style our Animal Bracelets

Animal Tracking Bracelets

Bracelets are a timeless treasure that women and men can wear to express their tastes and style. From vegan leather bands to cuffs, there is a wide variety of bracelet types and no hard and fast rule to styling. When it comes to wearing your favorites, it’s more about experimenting to see what looks the best with your outfit and what makes you happy. 

Have a look at some of our ideas below and get inspired to create your own bracelet stacks and styles.

1. Stack Your Bracelets

Typically, a bracelet stack is seen as casual, so you can wear this styling idea to the beach or with a pair of jeans or shorts. To create your stack, start by pairing bracelets that have a shared trait. This could be the color of the bracelets, the metal they are made from, or something else. Keep in mind that most small stacks have three or four bracelets, while a larger stack can have six or seven bracelets. When you are wearing a bracelet stack, it’s best to leave off lots of rings and other jewelry. Make your bracelets the focal point.

The more deviation from your original trait, the more bohemian and effortless your stack will become. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different widths, but don’t go crazy by wearing every bracelet you own at one time. If you want a pre-curated stack of bracelets, take a look at The Five Piece Elephant Collection, which has a mixture of silver bracelets that create the perfect balance together. You can also collect our tracking bracelets and stack - and track! - all the different animals together!

2. Wear Just One

When you are heading to work or a more formal gathering, it is generally preferred to wear just one or two bracelets. One animal tracking bracelet, while simple, makes just enough of a statement without being loud in a professional environment. The beauty of only wearing one bracelet is that you can then layer other jewelry like a necklace or minimalist earrings without looking like you are overdoing the bling. 

One bracelet is also ideal if you have long sleeves. A bracelet stack will get lost underneath long sleeves and will look lumpy through the fabric, whereas one statement piece will show at the wrist. Depending on how thick your sleeves are, you might be able to slide your bracelet on top of your sleeve.

3. Wear Bracelets on Both Wrists

If more is more is your mantra for the day, then embrace bracelets on both wrists. Remember, the more animal tracking bracelets you wear, the more good you are doing. When you are styling bracelets on both wrists, it’s important not to overdo your numbers or else it your outfit may come across as gaudy. Our rule of thumb is to keep your bracelets to three or four and no more when you are stacking on both wrists.

4. Wear With a Watch

Wearing a bracelet or several bracelets with a watch is a sophisticated and timeless styling idea. You can either wear your bracelets on one wrist and your watch on the other, or you can wear a stack of bracelets alongside your watch. If you have a beautiful bracelet like the sea turtle bracelet that you want people to notice, then wear it closer to your hand than your watch. This will draw the eye and garner more attention. Who knows, you might even spark a conversation about the endangerment of sea turtles and how to help them!

5. Wear With a Vegan Leather Bracelet

Wearing your animal tracking bracelets with a vegan leather bracelet is a way of balancing yin and yang, pairing the colorful beads with a more grounded and subtle vegan leather band. A vegan leather bracelet exudes confidence, so this styling idea is a good choice when you are dressing up. Men in particular like to wear their animal tracking bracelets with a vegan leather band or watch. 

The jewelry that means the most to us are the pieces that tell something about our lives and the things we care about. Our animal tracking beaded bracelets for women and men are made from gemstones and shells along with a charm that represents the animal you will be able to track. Not only does a percentage of your purchase go towards conservation efforts to save either polar bears, sea turtles, elephants, or sharks, but you also receive information about your animal and instructions on how to track their journey. No matter how you wear your animal bracelet, you’ll have a gorgeous reminder of how you are helping wildlife and making a difference

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