Forbes Highlights Fahlo for “Doing Good” Through Online Retail

Doing good

Online retail has grown to be a major force in recent years. More people are shopping online than ever before, and you can find almost any product you may want or need from various e-commerce outlets. 

This is great because it’s more convenient for shoppers and it offers new opportunities for businesses. With that said, there can be issues concerning trust and reliability when it comes to online retail. 

A recent Forbes article puts its focus on some of the issues with trust in online retail. Along with that, it made sure to highlight the fact that Fahlo and a few other online retailers have made a real positive impact on the world. While there are plenty of scams out there, Forbes acknowledged the great work of Fahlo and confirmed its status as a trustworthy brand. 

Building Trust

The article covers the importance of building trust as an online retailer. Without the face-to-face interactions of in-person shopping, online brands do need to take measures to build trust and form relationships with consumers. 

More and more, consumers want to shop with brands they can trust and they like to look for businesses that operate in an ethical manner. When you can’t interact with a business directly, it can be difficult to develop this trust. Online businesses need to work hard to overcome these hurdles. 

Even beyond trust, consumers want to shop with businesses that are taking steps to have a positive impact on the world. For many, this means making donations to charities that are doing good.

While making donations is one way to do good, the Forbes article mentions Fahlo for developing a business model that gets the consumer more involved in the good work being done.

Partnering With Organizations

Fahlo has partnerships with a range of organizations that work on wildlife conservation. This includes the Sea Turtle Conservancy, Polar Bears International, Save the Elephants and the Orca Research Trust. With every purchase customers make, a portion of the sale goes to one of these organizations.

To further connect the customer to the cause of saving wildlife, we sell different bracelets that can be chosen depending on the organization the individual wants to support. With the purchase of our bracelets, each customer “adopts” an animal that they can then keep tabs on by checking its online tracking map. We are not just asking the customer to buy and then donating a portion of the profit. Our goal is for the customer to be actively engaged in philanthropy by letting them choose where their money goes AND allowing them to see the result. We also officially partner with the organizations doing the tracking research, so you know the money is really reaching the cause you choose to support!

Online shoppers want to buy from brands that do good in the world, but they also want to feel like they are involved in the good that is being done. Along with enjoying the product, our customers can feel good about giving back and they can also feel the personal engagement that comes with having an animal that is theirs to track.

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