Fahlo Recommended by Save The Elephants Organization

Partnership with Save The Elephants

Being able to partner with great conservation organizations is one of the best parts of running Fahlo. Getting to partner with groups like the Save the Elephants organization is really rewarding.

Even with our partnership, some customers still wonder if Fahlo is legit. If you are still not sure, you can go to the Save the Elephants website to see us listed on their partnerships page. Beyond that, you can see our products featured as a recommendation from Save the Elephants.

Save the Elephants

Founded in 1993, Save the Elephants is one of the top elephant conservation organizations in the world. They are based in Kenya, and their primary focus is on African elephant conservation. This organization does the work to help us understand elephants better and they participate in a range of initiatives to further the goals of elephant preservation.

As well as elephant tracking and research, Save the Elephants is at the forefront of efforts to combat poaching and ivory trafficking. They also work with other groups from around the world to protect elephant habitats and reduce conflict between elephants and humans. Their research is also vital for learning facts about elephants and informing the public about the issues they face.

A Recommendation from Save the Elephants

It is encouraging to see so many people being interested in shopping for products that support elephant conservation. However, this increase in interest has led to some unethical businesses trying to profit off this trend without giving anything to the causes they claim to support.

That is why we formed our partnership with Save the Elephants. When people shop our Expedition elephant tracking bracelets, they know that a portion of the sales will go to supporting the Save the Elephants organization.

In an effort to help people find legit products that really support the cause, Save the Elephants created a gift guide that features reputable businesses and products that contribute to conservation efforts. In that guide, they highlight the Expedition Bracelet from Fahlo. 

With the sale of every Expedition Bracelet, we donate 10% of the profits to Save the Elephants. Along with that, every bracelet comes with a real African elephant the buyer can track. You get a profile of the elephant that includes its name, history and a photo. You can also use the tracking map to follow the elephant on its journey.

Other Partnerships

We are very proud of our partnership with Save the Elephants, but they are not the only group we work with.  We also have partnerships with the Sea Turtle Conservancy, Polar Bears International and the Orca Research Trust. If you are interested in any of these other causes, you can contribute by buying the bracelet that is sold in connection with the campaign. Just like with the Expedition Bracelets, a portion of the profits will go to the associated organization and the buyer can get an animal to track.

We are so proud of our partnership with Save the Elephants and we are grateful that they have chosen to partner with us and recommend our products. Along with buying a bracelet to support their efforts, we would like to encourage you to check out the Save the Elephants website to learn more about the work they do.

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