Is Fahlo Legit? Your Questions Answered!

is fahlo legit

With so many fake charities and businesses that claim to do good out there, consumers need to be on the lookout for scams. It's a shame that people would take advantage of the generosity of others in such a way, but it is a reality of the world we live in. 

Because of all of these unethical operators, we are often asked: Is Fahlo legit? Many of the people who ask this have been taken advantage of in the past, and they don’t want to give money unless they are sure. We understand these feelings and we encourage people to do their research before buying from companies that claim to support wildlife causes.


Yes. Fahlo is legitimate. We partner with a variety of wildlife conservation organizations and we donate a portion of the proceeds from every purchase to support the conservation of animals they protect.

With that said, several businesses do claim to do the same thing as us, and they even mimic some of our branding and activities in the hopes that consumers will not be able to tell the difference. These companies go by names like Ocean Project, Wildlife Team, and Wildlife Mission and they advertise products that are similar to ours.


Yes. Fahlo bracelets legitimately track real animals in the wild. Along with getting the campaign bracelet, we also offer reliable animal tracking. Each bracelet comes with an animal to track. 

As an example, if you buy a bracelet from the STC campaign, you will get a turtle to track. You can learn about the turtle and use the tracking map to see where it is and where it has been.

Through these efforts, we have been able to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to these important causes. And our conservation partners can attest to this: Proceeds from our tracking bracelets funded critical shark research through Save the Blue, and we've donated over $300,000 to the STC!


At Fahlo, we partner with a variety of conservation organizations. We contribute to these conservation groups by creating products people can buy to support the cause. When people buy our legit Fahlo bracelets, we donate a percentage of the proceeds to the organization connected to the campaign.

We understand that questions like "is Fahlo legit" often arise, and we proudly affirm our authenticity through our transparent partnerships and real contributions. Not only are our Fahlo bracelets legit, but they also represent a meaningful connection to wildlife conservation.

We take great pride in the groups we choose to partner with. They are some of the most trusted wildlife conservation groups in the world, and they do great work to study and protect species that need our help.

Our current list of partners includes:

  1. Sea Turtle Conservancy
  2. Save the Elephants
  3. Polar Bears International
  4. Saving the Blue
  5. Global Penguin Society
  6. Ewaso Lions
  7. Somali Giraffe Project
  8. Marine Conservation Ecology Lab
  9. Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

All of these organizations have great reputations and we hope to partner with more conservation groups in the future.


We hope this page puts to rest the question “is Fahlo legit?”. You don’t have to worry when you buy gifts that give back from Fahlo. We are a legitimate partner of these groups, and you can see our company listed as a partner on the website of each organization. 

If you are ever contacted by another company claiming to work with conservation groups, we advise you to be skeptical. Make sure to take the time to do some research and find out if they are legit.

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