Is Fahlo a Scam? What Our Official Partners Say About Us

is fahlo a scam


No! Fahlo is definitely not an animal tracking bracelet scam, but there are scam copies of our company to watch out for. We are the only company with 9 verifiable partnerships for animal tracking bracelets. Our focus is and always has been coming together as a community to protect endangered wildlife species around the world. 

We are fortunate to partner with some pretty incredible non-profit organizations to bring about change. Our animal tracking bracelets follow real animals in the wild and benefit our partner organizations in the process – anyone who says Fahlo is a scam has been misinformed. 


Absolutely! Fahlo's animal tracking bracelets are much more than just stackable accessories. Each bracelet corresponds to a real animal in the wild whose movements are monitored and recorded. This innovative approach helps bring awareness to wildlife conservation and dismisses any notion of us being an animal tracking bracelet scam. 


Each animal associated with a Fahlo bracelet is equipped with a non-invasive, safe tracking device. This device sends real-time data to our tracking system, which is then accessible to our bracelet wearers. By scanning a unique QR code provided with each bracelet, customers can see the real-time location and historical movement data of the specific animal they are supporting on an interactive map.

Since we founded Fahlo in 2018, we have been able to raise and donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to our partner organizations who are on the front lines of wildlife conservation efforts. Check out more info about each of them below.


Sea turtles are incredibly majestic ocean dwellers, and our planet wouldn't be the same without them. Their numbers are declining, so the Sea Turtle Conservancy is working to raise awareness and protect them. We partnered with the Sea Turtle Conservancy to create The Journey Bracelet, which allows you to track a sea turtle as it makes its way from the sea to the shore.


Habitat loss, climate change, and hunting have put African elephants in a state of critical endangerment. It’s up to us to fight for them because these gentle giants are targeted by ruthless poachers everyday. We partnered with the non-profit Save the Elephants to create The Expedition Bracelet, which allows you to track your own elephant in the wild. Not only does 10% of the profits go to Save the Elephants, but every time you wear your bracelet, you raise awareness.


As polar bear habitats in the Arctic are degrading because of climate change, a great loss to their population is occurring. Polar Bears International is one of the most prominent organizations working to protect polar bears by conducting research and educating the public. We’ve partnered with Polar Bears International on a wildlife collection featuring The Venture Bracelet and Venture Plush, which benefits their cause and helps protect the lives of polar bears in danger.


Between pollution, rising sea levels, and overfishing it is not a good time to be a fish, sea bird, whale, or shark. Saving the Blue is a highly regarded organization working to protect marine species, including endangered sharks, so we decided to link up with them. Together, we created The Voyage Bracelet, which lets you track a shark with an interactive map. 


The Global Penguin Society is dedicated to the preservation and welfare of the world's penguin species. These iconic and beloved birds face numerous threats ranging from climate change to overfishing. Together, we introduced The Passage Bracelet to track the journey of a penguin and catch a glimpse into their fascinating lives. 


Ewaso Lions is at the forefront of lion conservation in Kenya. Our partnership with Ewaso Lions has led to the creation of The Excursion Bracelet, enabling supporters to track a lion in the wild. This initiative not only aids in lion conservation but also spreads awareness about the challenges these majestic creatures face. 


The Somali Giraffe Project is committed to the conservation of the often-overlooked Somali giraffe. This initiative focuses on research and habitat preservation to safeguard these graceful animals. Our collaboration has given rise to The Trek Bracelet, which tracks an individual giraffe out in the wild and supports efforts to protect the species.


The Marine Conservation Ecology Lab is a  leader in oceanic research and conservation. Our partnership with the lab has led to the creation of The Odyssey Bracelet. Buying a bracelet aids in funding the lab's critical research endeavors and keeps you connected to the sea by tracking a dolphin in the real world.


The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is renowned for its dedication to the protection and study of gorillas. Their relentless efforts in conservation, anti-poaching, and habitat preservation have been pivotal in safeguarding these magnificent primates. In partnership with the Fund, we’ve crafted The Traverse Bracelet, which allows you to track a real-life gorilla in the wild. 


"Fahlo, previously branded as Wildlife Collections, is the exclusive turtle tracking jewelry partner of the Sea Turtle Conservancy and donates 10% of net profits from every turtle bracelet sold to STC. Thanks to our partnership, Wildlife Collections has donated almost $300,000 towards our sea turtle conservation programs!” - Sea Turtle Conservancy

“Want to follow your own elephant’s journey? Fahlo’s Expedition Bracelet comes with an experience that will last all year: the ability to track a wild elephant online. The Expedition Bracelet includes your elephant’s name, photo, history, and the ability to see where he or she travels throughout their African habitat. Fahlo donates 10% of profits from every Expedition Bracelet to Save the Elephants.” - Save The Elephants

“Our friends at Fahlo have a fun and engaging way of helping people learn more about wildlife conservation—wildlife tracking bracelets. With your purchase from their Venture line, you receive your own bracelet and a QR code that allows you to follow the tracks of your very own live polar bear in Western Hudson Bay. Fahlo is a Northern Lights sponsor of Polar Bears International and donates 10% of all proceeds from the Save the Bears collection to help fund our work.” - Polar Bears International

“Fahlo’s support has not only funded, but also influenced our research and conservation efforts. We have an exclusive relationship with Fahlo and can confirm they are the only shark tracking bracelet company we are partnered with. Lastly we must thank all who have purchased a Voyage bracelet which has directly supported our important work.” – Saving the Blue


So with all that said, if anyone asks you this or “is Fahlo a scam?” you’ll be able to say with certainty, “No!” We are always working towards our mission of protecting wildlife. 

We’re incredibly thankful for the organizations we work with, every day as all of you who purchase sustainably sourced bracelets to support conservation. Together, we are making the world a safer place for animals!

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