Animal Jewelry: How To Save Wildlife in Style

From print dresses to toys for kids, animals provide constant inspiration for modern consumers. But, while we appreciate the beauty of the wild kingdom on a surface level, it’s much more meaningful to buy items that actually benefit the animals as well. 


The animal jewelry from Fahlo does much more than just look stylish. Their bracelets, rings, and anklets give back to conservation organizations worldwide working to save wildlife and protect endangered species on both land and sea. Make space in your jewelry box for these animal jewelry pieces that serve as a gentle gift that gives back to our animal friends in need.


Sea turtles are celebrated in cultures all over the world as a symbol of wisdom, fertility, and prosperity, yet they are in considerable danger in modern times because of human involvement. Right now, three out of seven sea turtle species are endangered due to poaching, pollution, climate change, and fishing bycatch, among other things. 


When you choose the Journey Bracelet, you’ll receive information on how to track a sea turtle as well as its name and background information. You’ll also be contributing to turtle conservation efforts and taking a step to save wildlife, actually making a difference with what you wear. This colorful bracelet featuring a turtle charm and stone beads looks incredible with a flowy dress when you want to dress up.


Due to poaching and habitat loss, there are several elephant species that are at critical risk of endangerment.  There is an incredibly pressing need to save wildlife now. In fact, the population of African savanna elephants has dropped by 60% over the last 50 years while African forest elephants have been in decline by over 86% in just over 30 years. It’s incredibly scary to see, and there’s plenty you can do to help. 


Our animal jewelry collections here at Fahlo are more than just pretty. They benefit nonprofits like Save the Elephants, whose efforts involve intensive research on elephants and community conservation. Like the turtle bracelet, when you purchase the Expedition Bracelet, you can track your own elephant. Wear your elephant jewelry proudly with a neutral knitwear set or a t-shirt and jeans.


As the polar ice caps melt, polar bears are losing their habitats at a rapid pace. Climate change is increasing the need to save wildlife as their habitats are quickly changing. It’s incredibly dangerous for this species, who rely on the ice not just as a home, but also to acquire food. They also are endangered by factors like oil spills and human conflict. 


If you have a soft spot for polar bears, consider the Venture Bracelet or the Venture Plush. Both allow you to track a polar bear in the wild and are made in partnership with Polar Bears International.


Sharks may not be as snuggly as polar bears, but they are loved by many. They’re endangered primarily due to shark finning and overfishing. Our animal jewelry collection features The Voyage Bracelet which benefits the marine conservation nonprofit, Saving the Blue. The Voyage Bracelet features beautiful natural stone beads in colors reminiscent of a shark’s habitat and represents an effort to save wildlife. With it, you can learn more about sharks and track your own shark as it swims at sea.


Gorillas, the gentle giants of the forest, face a precarious future, threatened by habitat destruction and poaching. In partnership with the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, we offer the Traverse Bracelet, a stylish way to support these majestic creatures. 


Each bracelet provides you with the unique opportunity to track a gorilla, learn its story, and contribute to vital conservation efforts aimed at safeguarding gorillas in their natural habitats. Wearing a Traverse Bracelet will symbolize your support for sustainable shopping practices while connecting you directly to research and protection of these magnificent animals.

This piece of animal jewelry not only elevates your style but also bridges the gap between fashion and the frontier of conservation. It's a symbol of hope and action. Let your accessory be a conversation starter about the importance of wildlife conservation.


With their charismatic waddles and social nature, penguins are beloved across the globe. However, many penguin species are facing challenges from climate change and overfishing, making conservation efforts more important than ever. 


Through Fahlo's collaboration with the Global Penguin Society, the Passage Bracelet enables wildlife enthusiasts to engage with penguin conservation actively. Each purchase helps support projects dedicated to protecting penguin colonies and ensures the survival of these adorable birds. 


By choosing the Passage Bracelet, you become part of a global effort to preserve the magic and mystery of penguins for future generations to marvel at. And as a beacon of awareness for penguin conservation, it does more than complement your outfit, too.

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