Fahlo is Saving Animals and Spreading Hope According to Thrive

Saving wildlive

Saving wildlife is at the heart of what we do at Fahlo. Sure, we sell jewelry, but that would not mean much if it was not a part of a bigger, more important mission. That is why we partner with nonprofits like the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) and direct a portion of the proceeds from every sale to conservation organizations.

As a company that really believes in its mission, we appreciate any recognition we get and anything others can do to promote the cause of wildlife conservation. That is why we were so excited to have Fahlo profiled in Thrive Global. The piece included quotes from our co-founders Daniel Gunter and Carter Forbes, and it highlighted the work we do with wildlife causes and how we use our business model to raise awareness and hope.

Saving Wildlife

The piece starts by discussing the plight of sea turtles and the ways the Sea Turtle Conservancy works to protect nesting grounds and help turtles. It also mentions our partnership with the STC and how we use our bracelets as a way to get consumers involved while also raising money. 

With our sea turtle bracelets, you get more than just a piece of jewelry to wear. Beyond the item, you also get a turtle to adopt. The buyer gets a profile of their turtle and it also comes with access to a digital tracking site that allows the buyer to follow the turtle as it migrates through the seas.

We believe this is an effective model for several reasons. On the one front, the portion of the proceeds we donate helps the STC fulfill its mission to save sea turtles. Beyond that, the profile and tracking help the consumer connect with the animals. This creates a stronger, more long-term personal investment on the part of the buyer.

Beyond our work with the STC, the post from Thrive also mentions some of our other partnerships. It discusses our work with Save the Elephants and it covers our Save the Polar Bears campaign that we run as a part of our partnership with Polar Bears International. All of these campaigns have unique jewelry people can buy, all of the sales lead to a donation to the connected cause and they all come with an animal to track. 

Hope for the Future

While Thrive does recognize the ways Fahlo helps with conservation causes, it also mentions the importance of hope. We know that our bracelets and animal tracking are just one small part of the work that needs to be done to save endangered animals. If many of these species are to be saved, we need to spread hope that it is something that can be done.

Between the bracelets, the money raised and the ability to track animals, we think we are also helping to create a greater sense of hope. People connect with the animals, see them moving on the tracking map and they take pride in having contributed to a worthy cause. In a world where the news is often bad, these little moments of hope can go a long way toward inspiring people to do more.

We are grateful that Thrive saw what we are doing and that they decided to put a light not just on the work we do, but also on the causes we support. Every mention or article written about wildlife conservation helps to spread the word and raise awareness. The more we can get the word out, the more people will get involved, and that will help to create a better future for animals like sea turtles, elephants and polar bears.

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