6 Different Kinds Of Turtles And Species You Should Know

6 Different Kinds Of Turtles And Species You Should Know

With a lineage that traces back hundreds of millions of years, turtles have graced both land and sea, presenting us with a tapestry of hundreds of distinctive species. Yet, heartbreakingly, many different kinds of turtles are teetering on the brink of extinction.

At Fahlo, our hearts beat with a profound commitment to these ancient animals. Through our enriching collaboration with the Sea Turtle Conservancy, we've gained deep insights into the captivating lives of sea turtles. Our mission? Educate about kinds of turtles, highlight the risks they face, and amplify the urgent calls to safeguard them.

Here, we’re answering the question about how many kinds of turtles are there by introducing you to six common species. You’ll discover that turtles of all kinds have distinctive features that make them stand out as fascinating, ancient creatures. See what we mean: keep reading and join the cause to save the turtles together!


Sea turtles, the ancient mariners of our oceans, have charted the waters for millions of years. Displaying a stunning variety of sizes, colors, and behaviors, these creatures offer a glimpse into the ocean's vast biodiversity and evolutionary wonders.

Among the seven different kinds of sea turtles, Green turtles, distinguishable by their greenish tint from a plant-rich diet, are unique herbivores. Unfortunately, they’re endangered and declining in numbers. Green turtles nest predominantly along the eastern coasts of the Americas. 

The colossal Leatherback is unmatched in size and boasts the longest migrations. These kinds of turtle also hold the title of the ocean's deepest divers. With a history of about 150 million years, they proudly wear a soft, rubbery carapace, unlike the typical hard-shelled kinds of turtles. 

In the fresh water of South America's Amazon and Orinoco basins, the camouflaged Matamata sea turtle blends seamlessly with its swampy habitat. Then, it uses its leaf-like appearance to ambush unsuspecting prey.


The Alligator Snapping Turtle is considered the heavyweight champion of the snapping turtle world. This behemoth boasts an appearance that hearkens back to ancient dinosaurs with its menacing spikes - it’s no wonder these kinds of turtles dominate the waters of the United States. Be cautious though, these formidable creatures have a bite that's not easily forgotten. 

You'll discover these snapping turtles in colors that range from a moody brown and grey to an enchanting olive green. However, it's not all about looks with these kinds of turtle; their rich life, which can stretch from 20 to over 100 years, is equally fascinating.


Journey into the waters and meet the sleek swimmers of the turtle kingdom – the Softshell turtles. Named for their unique and pliable shells, these kinds of turtles move through the water with grace and speed

Turtles of these kinds include the Spiny Softshell, which stands out with its unique cone-shaped projections and an almost whimsical soft nose. However, let's not forget the Smooth Softshell with its soft, flexible shell. 


In North America, we come upon the enchanting Box turtles. With an appearance similar to giant tortoises, these kinds of turtles have a magic of their own. They’re able to retreat deep into their unique, dome-shaped shells, creating an enclosed box. Whether it's the Three-toed box turtle of the south-central US, or the Eastern box turtle, a slow-moving beauty of the East, these kinds of turtle are truly a sight to behold.


These small colorful turtles are the most common turtles of any kind found in North America. Glinting with colors that can make a rainbow envious, Painted turtles shimmer through waters and can live often up to 55 years. The Western Painted turtles shine the brightest with their light-patterned shells, while the Southern variants, though smaller, are often the chosen kinds of turtles for people to keep as pets.


Often dubbed the "stinkpot" due to the pungent odor it emits from its shell to deter predators, Musk turtles hail from the same family as mud turtles. These kinds of turtles sport dome-shaped shells in shades of black, grey, and brown - they are also rarely longer than 5.5 inches. 

Found across southern Quebec, southern Ontario, and the eastern United States, Musk turtles inhabit various wetlands, favoring nearshore and shallow waters. Remarkably more aquatic and adept climbers than many other different kinds of turtles, they still venture on land to nest. Their diverse diet ranges from small fish, insects, and crustaceans to green algae and vascular plants. Since females can lay up to nine eggs per clutch and breed efficiently in captivity, they've become common as pets.

These are just a few of the amazing different kinds of turtles that can be found across the world. If you’re interested in saving these turtle species, we encourage you to check out our collection of sea turtle jewelry. With a portion of the profits being donated to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, it’s a great way to support the important work they do and contribute to the conservation of these ancient animals.

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