How To Wear Anklets: 5 Outfits Ideas With Our Sea Turtle Anklet

Did you know that anklets date to Ancient Egypt, where they were seen as the most fashion-forward type of jewelry? These bracelets for your feet allowed women to show off their style and wealth with beautiful gems and metals. Many Egyptian women even added specific symbols to their anklets to bring them good fortune

Today, anklets are the perfect summer jewelry for women and men. Like many trends from the ‘90s, anklets are back in style and we couldn’t be more excited to wear ours. 

Quick Tips for Wearing Anklets

  • Anklets can be worn on either ankle, or on both at the same time
  • Coordinate your anklet with your other jewelry or with your shoes
  • Wear your anklet with bare legs or over a thin pair of pants 
  • Measure your ankle to find the perfect fit. Ten inches is the average size of an anklet, however you might prefer one that fits more tightly or loosely. 

Stylish Anklet Outfit Ideas 

Wondering how to wear anklets? Most ankle bracelets, like The Sea Turtle Anklet, are seen as casual jewelry that is well suited to summery outfits. To help inspire you to create new looks from your wardrobe with your anklet, here are some styling ideas we recommend.

  1. Wear with a Swimsuit

Anklets and swimwear are a match made in heaven. When you’re not wearing anything on your legs or feet, the anklet really shines and adds a level of personal style. With gorgeous starfish beads as well as a sea turtle charm, The Sea Turtle Anklet looks right at home when you’ve got your toes in the sand. You could even wear another anklet on your other foot to embrace the style fully. 

  1. Style with Shorts

Like a swimsuit, a shorts outfit allows your anklet to take center stage. As The Sea Turtle Anklet strongly features the color teal, we recommend wearing it with a teal short sleeved flowy top and a pair of white shorts. This bright and beautiful color reminds us of the sea, so we could see wearing this look to have lunch at a sustainable seaside restaurant. A pair of thin-strapped leather sandals completes the beachy look. 

  1. Wear with a Floaty Dress

Summer is the best time to pull out your flowiest frocks and float around the garden barefoot and carefree. When you’re heading for a shoe-less afternoon picnic, don’t forget a beautiful anklet, which will complete your look and give your feet a bit of polish despite not wearing shoes. Your dress can be long or short as long as it is comfortable and doesn’t clash with the colors of the anklet. 

  1. Wear with Heels and Culottes

Fashionistas might enjoy dressing up their anklet with this delicate, yet forward-thinking style idea. Wear your anklet with a pair of your favorite high heels as well as a satin camisole and structured culottes. This look can be worn to the office with a blazer, or you can wear it to grab drinks with your friends at happy hour. 

  1. Style with Sneakers

Don’t knock this styling idea until you try it! The Sea Turtle Anklet looks incredible with a pair of white canvas sneakers. While the anklet isn’t athletic in style, it elevates your classic sneakers and makes them seem more dressed up. You can wear your anklet and sneaker combo with a romper or shorts and a tank top.

Now that you’ve gotten some ideas of how to wear an ankle bracelet, you can take all the ankle bracelet rules you thought you knew and throw them out the window. Ankle bracelets are a fun type of jewelry, so don’t take them too seriously when it comes to styling. 

However, do take the fact that your Sea Turtle Anklet helps a sea turtle seriously. For each bracelet you purchase, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, who help raise awareness and provide protection for endangered sea turtles around the globe! Your contribution will help the Sea Turtle Conservation achieve the vision of a world where every sea turtle can live free from harm. 

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