What Does a Turtle Bracelet Mean? Uncovering their Symbolism

Turtles are one of the most ancient creatures that still exist today. Scientists estimate them to be 260 million years old and they haven’t changed much physically since that time. With their incredible shells, slow gait, and long lifespan, these aquatic reptiles are beloved around the world. In many cultures, turtles hold sacred symbolic value and are highly revered. Below, we dive into the symbolism of sea turtles and why people particularly love jewelry featuring this particular animal like turtle bracelets

Common Turtle Associations 

Longevity: In addition to turtles being one of the oldest species still on Earth, they are also some of the longest living creatures on Earth. Some giant tortoises can even live to be up to 200 years old.

Endurance: Turtles are not the fastest creatures on land. In fact, they move very slowly and grow slowly and that is part of why they live so long. Despite not being fast, they manage to get around and have come to be associated with the notion of “slow and steady,” which according to the Aesop fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” is the best way to reach your goal. Determination can be the answer to the question, “What does a turtle bracelet mean?”. 

Wisdom: On a similar note, turtles are associated with wisdom because they take their time and because they live to be very old. We naturally associate wisdom with old age and it makes sense because a turtle that is 150 years old has been around for a lot longer than most of us have!

Wealth: The turtle is one of the four sacred animals in Chinese feng-shui, along with the dragon, the phoenix, and the tiger. In this belief system, turtles are symbols of longevity and wisdom as well as wealth. Some people even use symbols of turtles for good luck and prosperity in their home or business or as accessories like turtle bracelets.

Fertility: In African cultures as well as in Hinduism, the turtle is associated with femininity and fertility.

Protection: With a hard exterior shell around their bodies, turtles are often associated with protection. This is definitely true in native American belief systems. They also believe the shell is beneficial for healing and use it in spiritual practices.

What Does a Turtle Bracelet Mean?

When you wear turtle bracelets, you carry the symbols of the sea turtle with you wherever you go. Our ocean jewelry is designed to serve as a gentle, beautiful reminder of the marine life we are working to protect, but it is so much more on a personal level as well. Ultimately, your turtle bracelet meaning is up to you. Some might feel that wearing their turtle bracelet is a good luck charm that will bring prosperity to their lives. Others might believe in the protective power of the turtle charm as the wise turtle watches over them and helps them make good decisions. 

When you choose The Journey Bracelet you will receive information about a real turtle that you can track as they swim, nest, and feed. When buying any products from the Save the Turtles collection, such as a sea turtle bracelet, your purchase of the bracelet also benefits the Sea Turtle Conservancy, a marine conservation organization working to protect turtle habitats. In this way, your turtle symbol has both a metaphorical value as well as a literal value as you are helping a real turtle in need.

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