Fahlo Partners with Polar Bears International

Fahlo Partners with Polar Bears International

Raising awareness for animal conservation efforts is at the core of our mission at Fahlo. To do this, we use the power of commerce to raise money and increase awareness for efforts to protect some of the planet’s most vulnerable species.

To further these efforts, we are proud to announce that we have recently formed a new partnership with Polar Bears International (PBI). This non-profit performs research and focuses on educational efforts to protect polar bears and their habitat. We are proud to partner with Polar Bears International and we are eager to help with such an important mission.

As a part of our partnership with PBI, we launched the Save the Polar Bears campaign starting on January 28, 2021.

Save the Polar Bears Campaign

We are running our Save the Polar Bears campaign in cooperation with Polar Bears International. As a part of this campaign, we are selling a selection of campaign bracelets. Each bracelet can come in a selection of colors and each sale will contribute funds to PBI.

Fahlo will donate 10% of net proceeds from the campaign to Polar Bears International. These funds will go directly to helping PBI continue in its efforts to monitor polar bears in Western Hudson Bay, Canada. Since this region has experienced considerable losses in sea ice, this research is vital to their polar bear conservation efforts. 

As a bonus, supporters will also be connected with an individual polar bear. You will get to know the polar bear’s name, see a picture of the bear and read about the story of the bear. Along with that, you will also be able to track your bear on the PBI website. Learn about how your bear lives and follow its journey in the arctic.

At Fahlo, we think this is a great method for raising money and awareness for polar bear conservation causes. Beyond simply giving money and getting a bracelet, our customers get to know about the animals and follow their journey. This offers a level of engagement that keeps people interested in our mission to save the polar bears and encourages them to get involved and give more.

Other Efforts

While we are excited to begin our partnership with Polar Bears International, they are not the first organization to benefit from our efforts. We work with a growing range of partners to help raise money and awareness for other wildlife conservation concerns.

Beyond supporting the important work of PBI, we also partner with the Sea Turtle Conservancy, Save the Elephants and the Ewaso Lions. All of these organizations do important work to protect endangered species and we encourage our customers to learn more about their efforts. It is also our hope that we can expand this list of partners to get involved with more wildlife conservation causes in the future.

Learn more about saving the polar bears, and the work of Polar Bears International by visiting their website. We also encourage all of you to support Polar Bears International by buying a Venture Bracelet. Buying the bracelet will not only help to raise money, but wearing the bracelet can be a great way to raise awareness.

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