Endangered Penguins and What You Can Do to Help

Endangered Penguins and What You Can Do to Help

The team at Fahlo has a passion for helping endangered animals. Penguins are one group of animals that we are working to save. Part of this is through our partnership with the Global Penguin Society. Beyond that, we would like to inform you about penguins and some of the things you can do to help.

There are currently 18 penguin species. Among them, you have many vulnerable penguins. Three species are listed as near threatened, five are listed as vulnerable and five are endangered.

Time is running out for many of these endangered penguins. A variety of factors are causing penguin populations to dwindle. They could disappear forever if action is not taken soon. 

What can you do to help the threatened penguins of the world? Read on to learn about the threats they face and the steps you can take to protect these animals.

Why are penguins at risk?

Penguins face a variety of threats. Of course, they have natural predators like seals and orcas. Humans even used to hunt penguins to harvest their fat for lamp oil. However, humans no longer hunt penguins and natural predation is not a significant contributor to the extinction of vulnerable penguins.

One problem penguins face is overfishing in areas where they find food. As we exploit the fisheries where penguins feed, the stocks are decreasing faster than they can be replenished. This makes it harder for penguins to find the food they need.

Bycatch is another issue for endangered penguins. Irresponsible fishing practices cause penguins to get caught in fishing nets. Once they are tangled in the nets, they can’t get free on their own. This usually results in the death of the bird. 

Habitat destruction is another issue for some penguin species. Human activity is causing there to be less breeding ground for penguins. For many species, this is making it difficult for them to replenish or maintain their numbers.

Climate change is another problem for threatened penguins. Some penguin populations rely on sea ice to hunt. As the planet warms, there is less sea ice. This is also causing problems for krill populations. Since many penguins eat krill, the warming planet is putting pressure on an important food supply for these animals.

What can you do to help?

If everyone does their part, endangered penguins can be saved. It will require collective action, but it is possible. The following are a few things people can do to help save the penguins:

Eat Sustainable Seafood

Commercial fishing is one of the biggest problems for penguins. If you eat fish, make sure it comes from companies that run a sustainable operation. That means they take measures to protect against bycatch and set catch limits to avoid overfishing. Consumers can find different organizations that certify sustainable seafood. 

Eliminate Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution can be another problem for threatened penguins. Penguins can die if they accidentally ingest plastic. They can also get tangled in discarded plastic bags. People can protect penguins by eliminating single-use plastics. That means no more plastic bags and no more plastic straws.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

You should reduce your carbon footprint to save penguins. Steps you could take to reduce your carbon footprint include driving less, eating less animal-derived products and using appliances and electronics that are more efficient. 

Make a Contribution

As a final step you can take, contribute to organizations that work on penguin conservation. One way you can do that is with our Passage Bracelet. A portion of every sale gets donated to the Global Penguin Society. Along with that, you get a real penguin you can track. Our penguin bracelets offer a great way to contribute to conservation while also giving you a closer connection to the animals.

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