Holiday Gift Guide for Polar Bear Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Polar Bear Lovers

‘Tis the season of sleigh rides, hot cocoa, and our favorite white fluffy animal – polar bears! If you have a friend or family member who loves these majestic creatures as much as we do, now is the perfect time to gift them something they will really remember. You might not realize how beloved this bear is until you see the range of gifts available dedicated to them. Picking out just a few of our favorites, these polar bear gift ideas are sure to put a smile on any polar bear lover’s face this season!

The Venture Bracelet by Fahlo

Made of natural stone beads with a central polar bear charm, this striking bracelet by Fahlo celebrates a shared love and appreciation for polar bears. It comes in an array of stone beads, so you can choose one that best suits your friend’s style. In addition to being a treasure to wear, this ‘track a polar bear’ gift comes with tracking information about a real polar bear in the wild. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of these polar bear bracelets goes to Polar Bears International, who are working to protect polar bears worldwide.

Visit PBI's Gift Shop

Fahlo works in partnership with Polar Bears International on our Save the Polar Bears campaign to help continue its efforts to monitor polar bears in Western Hudson Bay, Canada. Since this region has experienced considerable losses in sea ice, this research is vital to their polar bear conservation efforts. Visit their gift shop to find adorable stuffed polar bears, calendars, e-cards and more – any of these options would make for ideal gifts for polar bear lovers in the family.

Donate to Conservation Efforts in their Name

At Fahlo, we think this is a great gift for polar bear lovers because you’ll be furthering their mission of raising money and awareness for polar bear conservation causes. One thing that animal lovers enjoy is getting their friends and family involved and give more.

Symbolically Adopt a Polar Bear

Give a gift that will help protect polar bears. Adopting an animal (symbolically) on behalf of a friend or family member usually gets you a plush animal, fact cards, and an adoption certificate to corroborate that the proceeds will be in fact destined to conservation efforts. There are many charities that do amazing work rescuing and caring for abused wild animals, make sure you do your research.

Limited Edition Northern Light Pink, Venture Bracelet

For the girlie girl who loves polar bears, this limited edition bracelet was inspired by the rose-tinted hues of the aurora borealis that light up the skies of the polar bear’s home in the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Adorable and pink, this bracelet comes with a polar bear to track  and a portion of the proceeds are donated to support polar bear research and conservation efforts – what’s not to love?

Adorable, fuzzy, and strong, polar bears are very popular wintry animals. However, they are facing a habitat crisis that has put them on the endangered species list. By talking about and celebrating the uniqueness of this arctic bear, we hope you’ll also keep in mind that they need our support. While these polar bear gifts are fun and functional, they can also open up a conversation about conservation!

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