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What Do Lions Symbolize?

What Do Lions Symbolize

Humans have assigned animals different attributes and meanings as far back as can be recorded. In fact, animals were often the subject of cave paintings. Even to this day, we still find symbolic meaning in animals.

Lions are one type of animal with some of the strongest symbolic associations. Cultures from around the world attribute different characteristics to these majestic and imposing animals. And, is it any wonder that the symbolism of a lion always represents regal, majestic qualities? Given that they are such large animals, and that they’re truly captivating, we say it’s not. 

To mark our new partnership with Ewaso Lions and the release of our Excursion Bracelet, we would like to take a closer look at the symbolism of a lion bracelet.

What does a lion symbolize? Read on to learn more about the symbolic meaning of lions.


Lions are a symbol of all things courage, bravery and fearlessness. People don’t just view them as vicious predators. Male lions will risk injury or death to guard their territory and to keep their place in the pride. Female lions are also known to exhibit great courage when protecting their young.


Strength is another common symbolic meaning of a lion. It would be difficult to not immediately associate these animals with strength and power. They are massive animals, and you can see how strong they are just by looking at them. Even beyond physical strength, lions are often used to symbolize traits like moral strength or resolve.


Lions are often used as symbols of nobility. These animals seem naturally dignified and honorable, which are considered noble traits. It is also a range of other characteristics we associate with these animals that make nobility a part of the symbolism of a lion. Strength, courage, and reliability all contribute to the impression of lions being associated with nobility.


Lions can also symbolize leadership. This association crosses many cultures as well. As it is true with nobility, traits like courage and strength are common in good leaders. There is also the impression that lions are kings among beasts. You can also see lions being used as symbols for different historical leaders. You also have examples like King Richard I of England being known as “Richard the Lionheart” due to his prowess as a military leader.


Pride is another common symbolic meaning of a lion. You can see why by looking at the dignified bearing of these animals. Much of the association to pride is also connected with the way lions symbolize things like nobility, leadership and authority. Most cultures also associate characteristics like bravery and strength with pride.


It is also common for lions to represent things like loyalty and reliability. Once again, this often feeds back into many of the other symbolic meanings of a lion. Along with that, it also connects with the social structures of lions. Lions live together in groups called prides. The females all hunt together, and they all care for and protect the young as a group.

As you can see, lions can be symbolic in many ways. And this is just a short list of the most common things they symbolize. If you look back to different eras and cultures, you would find that lions can symbolize many things.

Our Excursion Bracelet is part of our partnership with Ewaso Lions, a 100% African organization dedicated to the conservation of lions and other animals. That means that every sale results in a contribution to their conservation efforts and to help the population of these majestic animals.

Visit our blog to learn more about our mission. Visitors can also read more about our partnerships or find more information about endangered animals.

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