The Excursion Bracelet

Each bracelet tracks a lion

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    • Each bracelet comes with a different lion to track, so add as many as you would like!

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      • Each order helps support Ewaso Lions
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Each Bracelet Comes With
a Real Lion To Track
Each Bracelet Comes
With a Real Lion To

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Each bracelet comes with a real lion to track

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Gain knowledge of their amazing stories, age, and how many cubs they have

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Follow their incredible excursion on the tracking map

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In partnership with Ewaso Lions

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A portion of all proceeds are donated to Ewaso Lions, who is dedicated to conserving lions by promoting coexistence between people and wildlife. Your purchase will help their conservation, and secure a future for lions in a rapidly changing world.

One small bracelet.
One big mission.

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Common Questions

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    • “Help prevent lion-human conflict. By knowing where the lions, are our team are able to warn the herders not to take their livestock where the lions are, therefore preventing lions from killing livestock. If lions kill livestock, livestock owners/herders become very angry and would want to kill lions in retaliation.” - Ewaso Lions


    • “We track lions by putting GPS-enabled collars on them. The collars send via satellite hourly GPS points in real time.” - Ewaso Lions

      To learn more about how lions are tracked, visit our partner directly at

    • “Tracking does not harm the lions at all. The collars have been custom designed and are very comfortable to the lions. The lions are still able to carry on with their activities even with the collars on” - Ewaso Lions

      To learn more, visit our partner directly at

    • Lion's greatest fear is humans, as they have hunted and killed them in the wild, posing a greater threat to lions than any other animal. Aside from humans, lions also tend to avoid giraffes and elephants, both of which are larger in size and can easily hurt lions in violent encounters.

    • As carnivores at the top of the food chain, lions have their pick of a variety of smaller and weaker animals in the wild to feed on. Most commonly, they hunt and eat warthogs, gazelles, wildebeests, zebras, and other smaller-hoofed animals. They commonly prey on animals that are already injured or weak, making them easy targets. 

    • A lion bracelet is meant to bring the traits of these majestic creatures to whoever wears it. Lion bracelets are believed to bring the wearer strength, power, and wisdom, which are three defining characteristics of the lion that make them the kings of the jungle. 

    • Lion jewelry represents the wisdom of a lion, as well as its strength, power, and pride. Wearing jewelry with a lion is symbolic of being the ruler of both one’s inner and outer kingdoms, showing mastery of both one’s inner emotions and their outer world. 

    • Female lions are called lionesses. They are smaller and faster than male lions, without the easily distinguishable mane that adult males have, making them better for hunting and gathering food for cubs and male partners.

    • Lions are afraid of humans, due to the history of conflict with them. This fear appears to be learned, as young lion cubs show behaviors of curiosity surrounding humans and human activity, but they are trained by their parents and adult lions to fear and avoid humans as they grow older. 

    • Like most animals, lions primarily need food and water to survive. While they can survive up to four days without water, the amount of food they require is substantial. Adult females need to eat about eleven pounds of meat each day, while adult males need to eat about sixteen.

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