The Journey Bracelet

Each bracelet tracks a sea turtle

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    • Each bracelet comes with a different sea turtle to track, so add as many as you would like!

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      • Each order helps support the Sea Turtle Conservancy
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Each Bracelet Comes With
a Real Sea Turtle To Track
Each Bracelet Comes
With a Real Sea Turtle
to Track

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Learn your sea turtle's name, size and get their picture

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Gain knowledge of their amazing stories, where they came from, and best of all...

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Follow their incredible journey on an interactive tracking map

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In partnership with Sea Turtle Conservancy

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A portion of all proceeds are donated to Sea Turtle Conservancy, who help raise awareness and provide protection for sea turtles around the globe! Your contribution will help the Sea Turtle Conservancy achieve the vision of a world where every Sea Turtle can live free from harm.

One small bracelet.
One big mission.

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Common Questions

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    • “Since most research conducted on marine turtles has been carried out on nesting beaches and well over 90% of a sea turtle’s life is spent in the water — feeding, mating, migrating and doing whatever else a sea turtle does when no one is watching, we are missing important information that can help us better protect sea turtles. In particular, to adequately protect sea turtles in all their habitats, we must learn more about their migratory patterns, their behavior at sea, where their marine habitats are located, how the turtles use these different habitats, and the migration routes turtles travel between habitats. Satellite telemetry (following an object on the earth with the use of orbiting satellites) has advanced to the stage of allowing researchers to track turtles in the open ocean after attaching a Platform Terminal Transmitter (PTT) to the back of a sea turtle.” - Sea Turtle Conservancy

      To learn more about why sea turtles are tracked, visit our partner directly at

    • “There are currently three common methods to attach a transmitter to a sea turtle. Two methods are for all sea turtles, except leatherbacks. The first of these methods uses fiberglass and resin to create a hard cover that goes over the transmitter and attaches to the shell. The second method uses a non-heat epoxy to “glue” the bottom of the transmitter to the turtle’s shell. Because of their unique shell, neither of these methods can be used for a leatherback. Instead, the transmitter is attached directly through the dorsal ridge.” - Sea Turtle Conservancy

      To learn more about how sea turtles are tracked, visit our partner directly at

    • “Proper attachment methods are designed not to harm the sea turtle, damage its shell or increase the turtle’s chances of being tangled. While researchers continue to modify and develop new techniques to reduce any impacts to sea turtles, having a transmitter attached does create some additional drag while the turtle is swimming. Researchers have recorded females returning to successfully nest after having a transmitter attached, which suggests that having a transmitter does not impact a sea turtle’s migration, feeding and mating behavior.” - Sea Turtle Conservancy

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    • It is important to know that only Fahlo has a real partnership for turtle tracking bracelets with the Sea Turtle Conservancy! There are many scam copy companies to be aware of, who do not use real sea turtle tracking data, or that use data illegally.

    • Giving someone a turtle bracelet can have a number of meanings, and it can be a uniquely personal experience to find the meaning that resonates with you. Among the most common associations with sea turtles are protection and prosperity, as sea turtles live long, full lives and are protective creatures.

    • Turtles have a range of associations in jewelry, which include: longevity, endurance, wisdom, wealth, fertility, and protection. All of these are reflective of the long life spans and high fertility of these gentle ocean giants, who act as protectors of each other and other animals in the ocean.

    • Sea turtles have a life expectancy that is comparable to humans. This can be anywhere between 50 and 100 years. Interestingly, female turtles can continue to lay eggs and nest up until they are around 80 years old.

    • Sea turtles have only one heart, which contains three chambers. This is common for most reptiles. However, scientists are beginning to observe the formation of a septum in one of the chambers that may soon divide it, creating a fourth chamber.

    • Overall, there are an estimated 6.5 million sea turtles left in the wild. The population numbers and threats of extinction vary from species to species, as some species are not in danger, while others face extinction within the next twenty years.